Sonntag, November 24, 2002

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Samstag, November 23, 2002

[eight songs that get stuck in your head frequently]

1. All songs that are played in heavy rotation on KJOY (My co-worker listens to it.)
That would be about 100 songs ranging from Rod Stewart to Loverboy.

[four beverages you drink frequently]

1. Water
2. Dr. Pepper
3. Dr. Pepper Red
4. multiple flavors of Tropicana Twister

[five tv shows you liked when you were a little kid]

1. You can't do that on Television
2. Romper Room
3. Sesame Street
4. Kids Inc
5. Double Dare
6. Today's Special

[four places to go in your area]

1. Jones Beach
2. New York City
3. The Hamptons
4. Old Bethpage Restoration

[four things to do when you're bored]

1. Watch TV
2. Take a walk
3. Go on the Internet
4. Play Nintendo

[four things that never fail to cheer you up]

1. A beautiful day.
2. A good song playing on my car stereo.
3. Eating out.
4. Alex

[four things you can't live without]

1. My car
2. My cd's
3. A Television
4. Cable television

[about ten years ago *list three things*]

1. I had a crush on Mike Rooke. (does anyone even remember him?)
2. I had braces and really big blue glasses.
3. I had bangs.

[about two years ago *list three things*]

1. My boyfriend of five years broke up with me.
2. I was in my senior year at Binghamton University.
3. I just scored third row tickets to Barenaked Ladies in Buffalo.

[about one year ago *list three things*]

1. I was driving to Binghamton from Herkimer every weekend.
2. I worked at Fleet.
3. I was miserable living at home.


1. I'm on Long Island.
2. I work for a law firm in Hempstead (a.k.a. the ghetto)
3. I have a sprained ankle.

[seven things you love]

1. Alex
2. Laughing
3. Dr. Pepper
4. the sun
5. running
6. my parents
7. kitty cats

[seven things you dislike]

1. people in the United States who chose to not learn/speak English. (sorry, but I work with these people everyday. My job can make you the most prejudice person.)
2. commuting
3. driving in Hempstead. The people there just walk out in front of moving cars.
4. Long Island drivers in general. They all need to go back to drivers ed. They all seem to think a four way stop sign means whoever is faster gets to go first. Forget this right of way crap.
5. having a migrane
6. telemarketers
7. The elderly who drive. Especially when they drive during rush hour.

[seven things on your desk at work]

1. a phone
2. a computer
3. a desk calendar
4. a crate
5. files
6. a memo pad
7. some pens and highlighters

[seven facts about you]

1. I'm 5'6
2. I'm from Central New York. (Where is that?) It's located between Albany and Syracuse. (Where is that? Is that near Elmira?) No, Elmira is in Southern New York. If you look at a map of New York and point to the exact center of the state, that is where I'm from. (Huh?)
3. I have absolutely no decorating sense. I have been in my apartment for three months and my walls are still bare.
4. I love to eat. I also gain weight easily. This is why I run.
5. I run four miles six days a week.
6. I studied voice in college. Now I don't even sing in my car. I'm kind of going through a crisis.
7. I'm an only child.

[7 artists/bands/people should give a listen to]

1. Coldplay and/or Radiohead (they sound so much a like.)
2. Ben Folds/Ben Folds Five
3. Weezer (most importantly the first two albums)
4. John Mayer (although I completely made myself sick of the man. He still rocks.)
5. David Gray
6. Jimmy Eat World
7. Star Sailor

[nine things you like about the opposite/same sex]

1. Deep voices. The deeper the better.
2. Facial and chest hair.
3. The tiny little asses.
4. That area near the pelvis that kind of petrudes. You know. That bone that is where women have hips.
5. Man hugs.
6. The way the smell.
7. I like dishevled hair.
8. They eat more than me. I don't feel bad about over eating around them.
9. They are perpetual children.

[four things you would eat on the last day of your life]

1. Pizza
2. Burger King Whopper Value Meal
3. chinese food
4. strawberry and bannana smoothies

[five records from your collection that you will never get tired of]

1. Coldplay-Parachutes
2. Radiohead-The Bends
3. Ben Folds-Rockin' the Suburbs
4. Ben Folds Five-The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
5. Weezer-Weezer (the blue album)

[six music celebrities you would have sex with]

1. Rivers Cuomo from Weezer
2. Chris Martin from Coldplay
3. Brandon Boyd of Incubus
4. Dave Grohl
5. Every member of Ben Folds Five
6. John Mayer

[four vacations you have taken]

1. Wilmington, Delaware for John Mayer.
2. Multiple trips to Long Island before I lived here.
3. Boston
4. Multiple day trips. Too many to mention.

Sorry that I have been MIA for so long. It seems that whenever I think about posting I decide to get off the internet and do something more productive (Nintendo). I've decided that this post will not include the usual Long Island topic of conversation which happens to be the traffic. I have realized that everytime I see Alex's parents we talk about how bad the traffic is, and last night I had dinner with Alex's sister-in-law's parents and we talked about how bad the traffic is.
Speaking of dinner last night, Alex and I got lost on our way there. This, of course, was not my fault. Whenever it rains and it is dark out Alex becomes the world's worst driver. We ended up taking a wrong turn and headed west instead of east. Eventually we got there, but it just took us a few minutes longer.

Thanksgiving is coming and I will not be going home. I probably won't be going home for Christmas either. I just hate the drive. It is too long and there are way too many cars on the way off the Island. Ooops, sorry. I started talking about the traffic. Let me think what is going on besides complaints about the traffic. Not a hell of a lot. I sprained my ankle last night. I stepped in dog shit while running. When I got home I took my shoes off, left them on the porch, went inside to get stuff to clean them, and when I stepped back out I misjugded the distance and twisted the left ankle. This means no running for a few days.

As for weekend activities, I was thinking about taking a day trip to the city that Alex quickly threw out. He is sick. (In men terms: "I have a sore throat. I'm going to die. I am so sick" ---Woman terms: "Are you nautious? Have a headache? Have a fever?"---Men terms: "No, I just have a sore throat."---Woman terms: "Get over it! Your not sick. You have a sore throat.") Why do men act like the world is going to end when they get the tiniest cold?

Mittwoch, Oktober 23, 2002

I've been too distracted to actually take the time and post. Work is work. I have found that if I take the Southern State Parkway I can actually cut ten minutes out of my commute. Three weekends ago I went back to Ilion. Left Long Island around 8, got stuck in Columbus Day traffic and didn't get to Ilion until 1:45am. The weekend after that Alex and I actually decided to go on a date. We ate at Friday's and then went to see Punch Drunk Love. I loved it and he thought it was ok. Of course, I liked all of Paul Thomas Anderson's past movies, so I wasn't shocked that I liked this one. Oh, I also bought Ben Fold's live album. I was pleasantly surprised to see two new songs as well as two added songs on the DVD. Got new tires put on my car. Washed my car. Life is pretty bland. Go to work and hang out. Next cd to buy would be David Gray's new one "New Day at Midnight". I'm tired. Time for bed.

Sonntag, Oktober 06, 2002

I started working on Monday. I like the job so far. The commute sucks. I live in Levittown and my job is in Hempstead. On a Sunday morning I can just hop onto the Hempstead-Bethpage Turnpike and get to my place of work in 15 minutes. During rush hour on a weekday it can take up to 50 minutes. My office is literally 8 miles from where i'm living, but traffic and about a million traffic lights makes it impossible to move your car over 30 miles per hour. In the world of entertainment, Mr Ben Folds's live album comes out on Tuesday. This live album is also a DVD with live footage. I'm very excited about this. I'm still trying to figure out when I'm going to buy it. Only a certain number of copies have the DVD on them. I think i'm going to try to find a store that is open early in the morning and get it before work.

In health news, it appears that my chronic heart burn is back. I had this problem while I was living at home and got a prescription for Prevacid to take care of the problem. It did take care of the problem but the prescription ran out and I don't have health insurance until January. Now I'm in pain and trying to find out how I'm going to afford $125.00 a month for drugs. I'm also trying to figure out how to get the prescription when i'm currently 300 miles from my Doctor. I've been downing massive amounts of over the counter antacid medicines and none of them work. I may have to to to my parents next weekend and figure something out.

Montag, September 23, 2002

After 20something interviews and over 50 faxes of my resume I am now employed. I start with Blockstein & Chase on Monday for $13/hr. Actually the story goes more like this. Last Monday I had an interview with Konica in Glen Cove (about 13 miles from me). The next tuesday I had an interview with Blockstein & Chase. Got home from Blockstein & Chase and they called me to offer a second interview on Thursday. I accepted. Thursday I got a call from Konica where they offered me a job at $12/hr. I accepted. I still went to my interview on Thursday because Blockstein & Chase is closer to me and had better hours. Went to get my physical for Konica on Friday. Sitting in my apartment around 3 this afternoon and got a call from Blockstein & Chase where they offered me the job. I accepted. Got a call from Konica an hour later to remind me of orientation and told them that I couldn't take the job. So, now I am employed by a law firm.

Saw Coldplay on Thursday. Best live show I've seen in a while. The night was perfect. Clear skies, full moon, 60 degrees temp, in a venue set right next to the ocean. The audience was perfect. All my age or older. This was the type of crowd that preferred sitting instead of standing. (Which is what I prefer for a band like Coldplay. No moshing here.) They sounded great and Chris Martin is not only hot but is also a great front man. The band seemed pretty hyped to be playing such a large venue in the NYC area. No one expected them to sell as many tickets as they did.

Saturday Alex and I went into the city to see Ellis Island. Once again another great day. Sunshine and blue skies. Just a little humid. We took the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station (where they didn't stamp my ticket which means that I got a free ride to the city.) Then we took the subway to Battery Park. Lines were long but I wasn't in a hurry. The ferry that takes you to Ellis also stops at the Statue of Liberty. We didn't see the point in going there because the statue is closed due to terroism threats. The museum was great and I took some great pictures of the city skyline. The wall at Ellis has Alex's paternal grandfather's name ("Peter Leicht"), his maternal grandfather's name ("Frank Scifo"), and his grandfather's uncle's name ("Anthony Scifo").

Right now I'm trying to fight off the sudden attack of ants that have appeared in my kitchen sink. I hate ants.

Donnerstag, September 12, 2002

Hey everyone. It has been a while but I still do not have internet access. It appears that my modem is all messed up and I can't afford to have a cable connection. Right now I'm posting from the campus of CW Post. I'm posing as a student. I found out yesterday that I actually live in Levittown which is cool. Most people have heard of Levittown and not of Plainedge. Minutes from the Hicksville trainstaion, 6 miles from Alex and only a couple feet away from the most commercial road on all of Long Island, Hempstead Turnpike. This road has movie theatres, target, kmart, shopping malls, every bank that exsists, ect ect ect. If you need it this place has it. I'm still looking for a job. I'm not freaking out yet. I have enough money saved up to cover costs and both Alex and my parents are helping me out. Last weekend I went to see Sagamore Hill, which was the home to Theodore Roosevelt. Tomorrow is Alex's birthday. Thursday is Cold Play at Jones Beach (who's new album is good but not as good as parachutes). Hopefully the weekend after that we will get to Manhattan. I want to see Ellis Island. I still need to get around to seeing my cousin and Jake. I think overall I have adjusted better than I thought. It helps that Alex's parents have helped out so much. ( My landlord thinks that his parents are my aunt and uncle. They helped me get the place I am in now.) They have even insisted on doing my laundry. My parents are coming down the last week of September. I'll have my dad bring his tools so that I can adjust the modem. Until then, posts will be scarce. Bye for now.

Samstag, August 31, 2002

Hey, here I am on Long Island. Typing to you from Alex's computer. I have a place (in Plainedge) but I don't have a job yet and I don't have internet access. I went on four interviews this past week. I'll find out if those were successful in the coming week. I will update more when I have the time.